Pictures from previous Folkestone Apprenticeship & Jobs Fairs

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 2014 banner’s are up in Folkestone!

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Below are testimonials and the exhibitor list from the 2014 Jobs Fair.


Testimonials from 6th November 2014

We found the event really useful. We would like to be involved again next year please.

Town & Country Foundation

Hilton Nursing Partners appreciated being able to speak to those interested in the care field, allowing us to explain our philosophy of providing care in a clients own home. Supporting  them to remain out of  hospital.

Hilton Nursing Partners

The event had a good buzz about it. We spoke to some interesting people who could potentially benefit from our services, and would make ideal apprentices.

JTC Training

I found the jobs fair really helpful. Our Allied stand was busy from start to finish and I met some really interesting people. The fair was also really good for meeting people from different companies and Job Centre etc.

Allied Health Care

Could they be twice a year? Please!                                                                                                         A brilliant opportunity to sell our communications course for 19 yrs and younger searching for work. This gives us the access to talk directly to young people and help make a difference.

Academy FM Folkestone

We met some very enterprising young people and made new contacts for future partnerships.

Kent Fomdation for young Entrepreneurs