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I am in the midst of organising my 7th annual Jobs Fair at The Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone on 17th January 2020. As always, I’m hoping to put local people looking for work in touch with the local firms who have vacancies to fill.

New jobs and apprenticeships are being created locally and across the region every week. Shepway has many growing businesses, both new and old, which are looking for staff. From the rapidly expanding creative and tech sector growing from the Creative Quarter, to tourism and hospitality, and the construction sector.

I understand that for many who are looking for a new job often the main challenge is knowing what’s out there and finding the right opportunities; this is where the jobs fair comes in. Last year many opportunities were created and shared and there were some great success stories for people who decided upon new career paths and training opportunities as a direct consequence of the Folkestone jobs fair.

I hope that this year will prove as successful in helping many more people find new career paths. We also have careers's hubs providing employment and training advice on the day. It will serve as an opportunity for all job seekers out there to see what work is available, and to connect with jobs that are right for them.

Damian Collins

MP for Folkestone
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